Kelong (Floating Fish Farm) 渔场

Take a boat from the jetty (right) and make a trip to the near-by fish farm. The guide on the boat & fish farm will give you an introduction to Kukup as well as the different species of fish reared at the farm.

You will get to see different sea creatures like octopus, puffer fish, horseshoe crabs, sharks, archer fish and more.


Pulau Kukup (Mangrove Island) 龟咯岛(沼泽岛)

You can also take the boat from the jetty to the nearby Pulau Kukup.

Kukup Island (or Pulau Kukup) is essentially one giant mangrove island. You will not find any nice sandy beaches or coral reefs here. Instead what you will find here is a rich coastal habitat that is home to many species of fish and plants.

Kukup Island is located off the South West coast of Johor, Malaysia. There is no bridge connecting this island to the mainland so you will need to take a bum boat over. There is a regular service from Kukup to Kukup Island. The island has no settlement on it and it is entirely a National Park.

Your journey to Kukup Island starts on a bum boat from Kukup. The bum boat cuts its way across the string of kelongs (floating fish farms in the sea) that lie between the island and the mainland. It is only a 10 minute ride across and would be much faster if the boat traveled faster.

You disembark at a jetty on the island and head up to the park's office. There is one main route and it allows you to loop around while keeping on the boardwalk. The whole island is low lying and a mangrove habitat. Expect to see mangrove plants and Bakau trees (the plants where your scaffolding comes from). There is also a tower to climb up to get a better view.

An option in the park is to hire a motor sampan. You need to pay a small amount to take a trip, but since you have made your way there, it is worth a trip. You get a water level view of your surroundings and a somewhat fun ride. You travel through what appears to be the main waterway back to the jetty.

Close to the jetty you will find a suspension bridge. The bridge itself is not long but once again you get a good view of your surroundings from the bridge. The mainland and kelongs are clearly visible. One interesting sight is to look back at the town of Kukup and realise that all the buildings by the sea are actually resting on stilts that rise out of the water.

You would have covered the entirely walkable part of the island in a hour or so. When you board the bum boat on the return journey, the boat stops at one of the kelongs so you can have a closer view of the fish being farmed. They even keep archer fish in the farms together with more familiar species. You can buy a fish there and then if you want one that's really fresh.

Sungai Buloh, Kukup Island and Tanjung Piai may one day become a combined eco-tourist destination. Perhaps the sleepy feel of Kukup Island will make way for something more interesting to bring in the crowds. But until that day, it remains an interesting out the beaten track place to visit.


今天,龟咯岛已得到国际承认,岛上已被授予拉姆萨尔公约局设在日内瓦的 “国际重要湿地(拉姆萨尔)的状态。


之后龟咯岛被海水淹没。 虽让岛最后复出,但它已被红树林覆盖。许多人试图在这个岛上定居,但没有成功。有人说这是因为精灵居住在岛屿。



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