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About Kukup

Kukup, is a well-known fishing village with most of its houses built on stilts. Since the middle of the 19th century, Kukup has been populated by farmers and fishermen, particularly of Bugis descent. It is famous for its fish farms and several restaurants, which serve the freshest seafood dishes, cooked in various delicious and tantalising styles. You must try the signature chilli crab dish.

Several restaurants serving seafood dishes are located along the small street, close to the jetty so you can enjoy a good seafood meal with a great view of the sea. Handicraft and delicacies such as keropok, belacan and cencaluk are available here. Those who love local dishes will definitely find this place a gastronmical delight.

After a satisfying meal you can hop on any of the boats for hire, and visit the aquaculture farms or kelong where crabs and a variety of fishes are commercially bred. Within sight of the Kukup jetty lies Kukup island, an interesting spot for a quick spin around the island on boat. Those wishing to stay overnight and explore Kukup can stay at the nearby chalet facility.



海鲜餐馆都位于靠近码头的小街上。 您可在靠海的餐馆里享用丰盛的海鲜大餐。各种小吃和美食,如 Keropok,马来栈和 Cencaluk 都可以在这里找到。吃饱后,您可以到码头搭船到附近的渔场去参观鱼的养殖,或者到附近的龟咯(红树林)岛屿去探望大自然。


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